The Blessing Of Serving Delivered By Reverend Julio Orozco

On Sunday January the 12th, Rev Julio A. Orozco  Of Grace Community Church preached on the blessing of serving. Through service we can position ourselves to be in a good place to experience the power and presence of the Lord. Rev. Orozco challenges us to get off the sidelines and engage our gifts to serve the Lord even though we may “think” we’re not equipped or ready. Having to really lean on the Lord is the best place to start. I’ll invite you to watch the sermon below in its entirety.Read More →

What Does the Bible Mean To You? Together Tuesday With The Youth

On January the 14th during their  ” Together Tuesday” weekly meeting, members from the youth group were encouraged  to select a card from a bowl that had different questions. Each person who attended answered honestly, and with an open heart. It was a time of intimacy and careful examination of each of their spiritual lives. These cards consisted of questions  such as “What does the Bible mean to you?” And “Are you happy with where your spiritual life is and do you think God is?    Read More →

The Hallel Psalms & Their Significance Session 1

Originally Posted On A couple of weeks ago I met with my longtime friend and mentor Bill Krayer and during our exchange he shared one of the most profound Truth with me from the Hallel psalms. He’s been going through most of these particular psalms during the lent period and one of the most poignant truth he shared with me came from psalms 115 &118. The thing that struck me the most was their implications during Jesus’s ministry especially when He cleared the temple , an event that was recorded in the gospels. I will invite you to watch this presentation below in itsRead More →

Q & A With Reverend Julio Orozco: Mary, Faith & Obedience In Action

Originally Posted on On Mother’s Day, Reverend Julio Orozco of Grace Community Church preached a sermon on Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus. The focus wasn’t so much on this being a typical Mother’s Day message, but the emphasis was on her obedience and faith in the face of tremendous pressure and doubts in her own mind. In today’s presentation Reverend Orozco will be exploring some key aspects of the encounter between the Archangel Gabriel’s and Mary and the implications for us today. Passage studied : Luke 1 :26-38 Breakdown: Intro 0:15 Topic Introduced 0:53 How The Church Views Mary 1:39 Luke 1 (Read More →