Are You Anchored In True Truth? What Is Truth? Does Truth Matter?

Originally posted on   I recently had an exchange with one of my former supervisors about the meaning of objective/ true Truth and its connection with the God of the Holy Scriptures. She believes that truth is relative and went on to tell me that I’m entitled to have my own beliefs but to keep it to myself. To which I answered, I’m not talking about preference , but I’m talking about a God who is sovereign, exists objectively and has set a day on which He will judge the whole world according to His own righteousness and counsel. One of the issues believersRead More →

A Closer Look At 1 John 4:20, Why It's Impossible To Love God & Hate Your Brother?

Originally posted on The Apostle John said in 1 John 4:20 “ If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen” I’ve read this verse several times and tried to understand what the Lord was communicating through the apostle John. Today we’ll be exploring this verse and its implications. How can people claim to love God whom they haven’t seen if they can’t love their brother/sister whom they see? See video below Scripture References: 1 John 4:20 1 JohnRead More →

If God is Sovereign, How Can Man Be Free? -RC Sproul

If God is sovereign, how can man be free? In the lecture below the late Dr RC Sproul will explain the relationship between man’s freewill and the sovereignty of God. Be sure to watch it in its entirety Ligonier’s remarks: The Scriptures teach that God is sovereign over all. The Scriptures also teach that man is responsible for his actions. Are the two teachings contradictory? In this session Dr. R.C. Sproul will address the perennial questions surrounding the relation between the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man.Read More →


Originally posted on I get these questions all the time from folks-“How can you believe the Gospels?” How do you know with certainty that what the writers recorded was accurate and true? It’s funny because I asked myself the same questions a few years ago when I was confronted with the possibility that the stories of the Gospels might have been fabricated. So I went on a genuine quest with the sole purpose of authenticating the claims of the Gospel. I added the phrase “genuine quest” because many folks are looking for excuses to dismiss the Gospels for obvious reasons I won’t mention here.Read More →


Originally posted on Two Ticks, No Dog is the phrase that resonated with me as I was listening to RC Sproul Jr.’s lecture on the challenges to Godly marriages. Both my wife and I are in the season of disciplining from the Lord and discipleship from His living Word; and his main purpose has been to redefine in our minds what it means to be a husband and a wife under the Lord’s umbrella. The Lord has been pointing out those dark  areas in my own mind and heart that need purging. I’ll invite you to watch the video below in its entiretyRead More →

what can we learn from Nadab & abihu's deaths

Originally posted on Nadab and Abihu were the oldest sons of Aaron. They were appointed by God as priests alongside Aaron and were eventually to replace him as the lead priest. So they were leaders and were supposed to live exemplary lives. God takes leadership very seriously and there’s an unfortunate event that befalls Nadab & Abihu-they both die because they offer unauthorized fire to the Lord. The event is recorded for us in Leviticus 10: v1-v3. We are going to be diving into the story, make some observations and draw the implications for us today. I’ll invite you to watch the video belowRead More →

even sneakers point to the existence of God

Let me start with this premise, if there was ever a time when there was nothing, what could there possibly be now? It’s a rhetorical question that I would invite you to think about and answer in the comfort of your own setting. I am amazed at the amount of highly intelligent folks who stumble at the reality of the existence of the God of the Holy Scriptures. I have had several interactions with many individuals, my own father and brother, close friends, relatives , strangers from all walks of life who have a hard time believing in the reality of the uncaused Eternal God ofRead More →

The Sting Of Pride & The Lord’s Discipline

Originally posted on The 32nd chapter of the book of Job begins with , “So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes” I’ve  purposely avoided the book of Job because I wasn’t ready to deal with the concept of suffering. I failed to recognize that the story wasn’t only about suffering, but about the connection between pride and suffering, the Lord’s discipline and its righteous fruits. But dodging  reading about suffering didn’t guarantee that  I wouldn’t experience  the reality of hardships. The last few years have been marked with one trial after the other, and it isRead More →

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God

Originally posted on Without faith it is impossible to please God, because He who comes to Him must believe that He exists and He rewards those who earnestly seek after Him. ( Hebrews 11:6) I have heard myself and several people say that they want a faith that can move mountains. I’ve  realized by the grace of God that I didn’t have a clue what walking and living by faith really meant. I don’t claim to fully understand what faith really is  but I believe the Lord in His grace has given me some insight on the meaning of faith, and I’m under obligationRead More →

The Hallel Psalms & Their Significance Session 1

Originally Posted On A couple of weeks ago I met with my longtime friend and mentor Bill Krayer and during our exchange he shared one of the most profound Truth with me from the Hallel psalms. He’s been going through most of these particular psalms during the lent period and one of the most poignant truth he shared with me came from psalms 115 &118. The thing that struck me the most was their implications during Jesus’s ministry especially when He cleared the temple , an event that was recorded in the gospels. I will invite you to watch this presentation below in itsRead More →