This is just a quick reminder that daylight saving time began this Sunday March the 8th. Hopefully , you’ve already moved your clock forward. We look forward to seeing you on time at Church this morning. Daylight saving time 2020 in Maryland began at2:00 AM onSunday ,March 8 and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday ,November 1 All times are in Eastern Time.Read More →

Have you wondered what  different names us, humans, have used to call on the Lord? Whether it’s to call on Him in prayer or to reference Him in conversations, or describing how great God is, the Bible is filled with many different names that reference the Lord. Well, there is a song I came across on YouTube by a talented and gifted woman, by the name of Elihana Elia. Her heart is so filled with worship and the song below describes exactly that. The song features the sounds of different instruments that were played in the Bible. *Flashback! When I first heard the song, it tookRead More →