Sunday April 5, A Closer Look At Palm Sunday, Luke 19

Greetings Grace Community Church, Please click on the link below for our worship experience for April 5th, 2020. Below are the links is to: 1. our YouTube channel where we can watch the services, 2. the links to our worship through song set list, and 3. our worship through giving details and information. Additionally, we will be celebrating Holy Communion at the end of this service. Please prepare by having some representation of Christ’s body (bread or crackers) and a representation of Christ’s blood (wine or juice or water) in order to participate in the celebration of Communion. Link for the Service: Links to the Worship Set: Grateful HosannaRead More →

Sunday March 29th Sermon, The Righteous Shall Live by Faith 1

Greetings Grace Community Church, Please click on the link below for our worship experience for March 29, 2020. The link is to our YouTube channel where we can watch the services, the links to our worship through song set list, and our worship through giving details and information. Also, if you have any needs you are experiencing, please let us know so that we can find a way to be blessing and be the church to one another. you can email us so we can pray and try and help meet immediate needs. Service: Worship Set:  Waymaker What a Beautiful Name Great Are You Lord. ThankRead More →

Will you surrender your fear

The Corona virus has completely crippled the entire world and not one single soul isn’t affected by it. Everything has been shut down as if the Lord was saying- this is the Sabbath day. Fear and paranoia have filled the hearts and minds of many, even believers. We are called by the Lord to obey our authorities and in this case it means social distancing; but we aren’t called to live in fear. Reverend Julio Orozco Jr. has a good message for us out of Matthew 14:22-33 about fear and how to overcome it and remain steadfast in the midst of uncertainties. I’ll invite youRead More →

Sunday March The 15th Worship Service, A Closer Look At Psalm 113

Good morning Grace Community Church, It is a good day to worship The Lord together. This is the day that He has made, we WILL rejoice and be glad! Since we are not able to meet at our facility this weekend and next, we are sharing with you GCC’s worship experience in video format. We encourage you to engage with this modality as if we were together (many will be watching it at 11am), however, with the comfort of being in your homes or on your mobile devices, and on your own schedule. The order of our service is: 1. Welcome and introduction 2. Worship in song andRead More →

Have You Forgotten Your First Love

The Corona virus has taken center stage in all  the news media outlets and the whole world is in a state of panic. Folks are  stocking up on food , anticipating the worse. In the midst of all this pandemonium, where does the believer stand? In his sermon delivered on Sunday March the 8th, Reverend Julio Orozco Jr.  exhorted us to remember our fist love, the Lord. Reverend Julio did an exposition of Jeremiah 2: 1-13  and gave us  a vivid picture of Israel ‘s own relationship with the Lord, from their early total devotion to God to their state of apostasy; he then paralleledRead More →

Will You Surrender Your Emptiness To The Lord?

Reverend Julio Orozco Jr. has been journeying through the Old Testament to show us how the Eternal plan of redemption is deeply rooted in every account that is recorded for us. Sunday’s March the 1st sermon was centered around an event that takes place in  2 Kings 4:1-7; it involves a widow who is in a very precarious situation and in dire need of help. And who does she reach out to, Elisha of course. But why is this event recorded for our sake? That’s what Reverend Julio is going to be investigating today and my prayer for you and I is that we continueRead More →

The Bronze Serpent, A Reminder Of God's Justice, Mercy & Grace The Gospel

In the last three weeks, Reverend Julio Orozco Jr. has been looking at key accounts of the Old Testament that explain the plan of God since the beginning- save mankind from the poison of sin and His  wrath. In  chapter 3 of the book of John, Jesus made the following statement, 4 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, He wasn’t just recalling an event from the Old Testament by chance , He was actually revealing his purpose for coming to planet Earth. Reverend Julio Orozco will be looking at Numbers 21 in the sermon deliveredRead More →

Reverend Julio Orozco Jr. On How The Account Of Abraham & Isaac Points To The Cross

Reverend Orozco continues his odyssey in the Old Testament to show us how the story of the Messiah Christ is embedded in every account that has been recorded for us. This time, it’s  the very well known story of Abraham and Isaac recorded in the 22nd chapter of Genesis. Pastor Orozco exposes the parallels between the account of Abraham & Isaac and that of Jesus in the new Testament. I will invite you to listen to the message in its entirety. Please be sure to subscribe to GCC on Youtube to receive our latest sermons Please join us on Sunday for Worship at at 11amRead More →

Noah's Ark Through The Lens Of The gospel, A prototype of the Cross

Reverend Julio Orozco Jr. started  a new series on February the 9th with the sole purpose of preaching nothing else but the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He dove into the Old Testament and explored the account of Noah and the Ark recorded in Genesis 6 to reveal that the message of  the Cross has always been in the mind of God from the beginning. Be sure to watch the sermon in its entirety and please join us on Sunday for Worship at at 11am every Sunday morning at: Neelsville Presbyterian Church 20701 Frederick Rd. Germantown, MD 20876   Be Sure Subscribe to Grace Community ChurchRead More →

Rev Julio Orozco Sr. On Hoe To Share The Gospel Effectively Like Jesus

In the sermon delivered on Sunday February the 3rd, Rev Julio Orozco Sr. gave some very practical advice on the do(s) and don’t(s) of sharing the good news. The stories of the gospels where he drew his inspiration from came out of  John 3 and 4, the instances where Jesus had encounters with two individuals with diametrically opposed backgrounds,  Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman. These two accounts demonstrated  how Jesus met each one of these folks  where they were. As each one of us is transformed by the renewed life in Jesus, it becomes a necessary result to share this good news with a spirituallyRead More →