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Oh, the joyous melody of the Christmas carols ushering us toward the celebration of Christ’s birth.  The songs hold the message and the memories of Christmas.  The songs are alive with the melody of God – an unstoppable melody of God’s intention to send a Savior and the love of God to make good on that promise.  And through all the crescendos & decrescendos of history, God remained faithful to His promise.

But the melody of God’s work didn’t end in Bethlehem on Christmas morning.  It didn’t end at the cross at Calvary; nor did it stop with the resurrection of Christ on Easter.  You see, the melody continues generation after generation, the song pressing forward with God as the grand conductor.  Just as God promised the first coming of our Savior, today we live under the promised hope of Christ’s second appearing.  The love and power of God writes an irresistible melody that crescendos again at the glorious dawn of Christ’s return to earth.

In this hopeful event lies justice for the world and mercy for God’s people.  In this final refrain of God’s melody is restoration for a groaning creation, justice over the brutal treatment of people, redemption for the forgotten, a home for the homeless immigrant, a shelter for the abused, a banquet for the hungry, a father for the orphan, and a righteous King to govern the world.

So, as we celebrate the promise and joy of Christ’s birth this Christmas, may we also look forward with hope to Christ’s second coming.  May the melody of God over our world be the buoyancy of hope by which we too sing His song.  May we persevere in hope this Christmas knowing that the faithful God that delivered on the first promise of sending a Savior, will again deliver on the promise of sending our glorious King.  And for this we have enduring hope.

What a beautiful melody God has presented to His creation – a melody of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration.  Through the hustle of this season, the Christmas carols carry the melody of joy and hope for all people.  May we never stop singing…

Can you hear the melody?

This reflection was written by Bill Kuhn, who is the V.P. of Student Development/Campus Chaplain at Crown College.

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