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The melody of God’s providence has led centuries of twists and turns, crescendos and decrescendos, to preserve the promise of a Redeemer. Threats and risks nearly crush the promise, but God’s providence endures right down to the dusty manger in Bethlehem.

As the time approached for the Child to enter our world, God’s melody of promise became a stirring announcement.  God sent the angel Gabriel to announce the coming Christ to a highly favored young virgin.  Mary was overawed by the announcement, but with comfort, Gabriel reminds her, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Mary isn’t the only one to receive an angelic announcement…  Joseph, Mary’s betrothed, gets his own special message. He is to become the earthly steward of the world’s greatest gift.  More than a few doubts must have lodged in his heart as he contemplated welcoming the young Savior into his family.

As the days neared for the birth of Christ’s, other announcements were needed, for indeed the heavenly messengers could not withhold the news.  Bursting out in glorious song, the angels sang the rejoicing melody to the religiously despised Shepherds in the field:

From God our heavenly Father

A blessed angel came,

And unto certain shepherds

Brought tidings of the same,

How that in Bethlehem was born

The Son of God by name

The announcement reached foreign lands as Magi compelled by the message of hope travelled to bow before King Jesus.

The announcement was a signal that the melody was nearing crescendo, the promise of restoration approached fulfillment.  The centuries of longing and waiting were yielding to a day of magnificent celebration.  Sing forth the announcement, let all the world rejoice, for a Child is nearing his arrival on earth to save us all from Satan’s power when we were gone astray.

Can you hear the melody?

This reflection was written by Bill Kuhn, who is the V.P. of Student Development/Campus Chaplain at Crown College.

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