Q & A With Reverend Julio Orozco: Mary, Faith & Obedience In Action

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On Mother’s Day, Reverend Julio Orozco of Grace Community Church preached a sermon on Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus. The focus wasn’t so much on this being a typical Mother’s Day message, but the emphasis was on her obedience and faith in the face of tremendous pressure and doubts in her own mind. In today’s presentation Reverend Orozco will be exploring some key aspects of the encounter between the Archangel Gabriel’s and Mary and the implications for us today.

Passage studied : Luke 1 :26-38

Breakdown: Intro 0:15

Topic Introduced 0:53

How The Church Views Mary 1:39

Luke 1 ( Gabriel Visits Mary) 2:13

God’s sovereign choice, promise &promise 2:28

Mary experiences fear and doubts 3:57

The root/causes of Mary’s apprehension 4:32

God never condemns our genuine questions 6:01

Mary’s response to God’s answers 7:40

The importance of Old testament prophecies 9:30

God’s sovereign’s choice reiterated 10:35

The parallel With Our Salvation 12:33

How does It Relate To Us today? 13:11

The Economy of God 13:51

Final Words & Exhortation 14:45

Visit Grace Community Church-CLICK HERE

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