Q & A With Reverend Julio Orozco, The Bodily Resurrection Of Christ

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About a week ago, Christians throughout the world celebrated Easter, which central theme is the bodily resurrection of Christ. Folks think it’s absurd to believe that a dead man can come back to life again because that violates the laws of nature. I wrote a post about a year ago in which I presented my arguments for why I believe the resurrection was factual and true, see link below
Today I invited reverend Julio Orozco of Grace Community Church who will be presenting many more facts about the authenticity of the physical bodily resurrection of Christ. Watch the video in its entirety and be sure to also check out the additional resources provided.
0:15 Intro
1:20 Reverend Julio’s Childhood ideas of the Resurrection
2:05 Paradigm shift- bodily resurrection
2:25 Authenticating The Bodily Resurrection
3:30 Thomas’s empirical test ( he represents most of us)
4:25 More evidence of the bodily resurrection
6:19 The eye witnesses of The bodily resurrection
7:00 Requirements for the Canon, its importance
9:45 The Disciples’ willingness To Perish For The Gospel
11:14 Fulfilled Prophecies
12:45 The Exactitude of the fulfilled prophecies
14:12 Grounding via historical documents, outside sources
15:00 Final words
Additional resources on the authenticity of the Resurrection:
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