Fall Small Groups Recap, Come And See What The Lord Has Done

Yesterday all the GCC small group leaders met at Rev Julio A. Orozco’s house for a quick report on the Fall semester activities. We were treated to a very delicious meal and great conversations prior to talking “small group” business.

Small groups recap come and see what God has done Small groups recap come and see what God has done


The small groups were birthed out of a desire to deepen the relationships between the members of the congregation. As good as the weekly worship time on Sunday is, it doesn’t allow for more intimate connection within the body, hence the small groups.  As the body of Christ, we are called to love God completely, love each correctly and love our community compassionately and the small groups were also instituted for the church to have a presence in our neighborhoods. During the Fall activities, 8 different people from our surrounding areas were added to a group and 3 people ended up committing their lives to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. GCC currently has a total of 6 groups of which two are bilingual ( English and Spanish). During the meeting, it was noted that there was a need for more bilingual groups in order to provide the opportunity for folks to connect in their native languages.  We also shared some good testimonies during our time of fellowship. I’ll share directly with you a couple of the stories.

A friend of Jenny (said that the group was so open that she kept coming back )

-Daniella Watson

One newcomer didn’t feel as connected in the church but I was able to link her to other activities and groups. Then this individual ended up confirming that she prayed for exactly what I suggested to her .

-Nathalie Ramirez

There were other testimonies that were shared; the small groups will re-launch in March and we’ll invite anyone interested in joining a group to fill out the form below
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