Q& A With Bill Krayer -The Hallel Psalms & Their Significance Session 1

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A couple of weeks ago I met with my longtime friend and mentor Bill Krayer and during our exchange he shared one of the most profound Truth with me from the Hallel psalms. He’s been going through most of these particular psalms during the lent period and one of the most poignant truth he shared with me came from psalms 115 &118. The thing that struck me the most was their implications during Jesus’s ministry especially when He cleared the temple , an event that was recorded in the gospels. I will invite you to watch this presentation below in its entirety to get a better understanding of the significance of these Psalms next time you read them.

Scripture References:

Psalm 115:9-13

Psalm 118:1-4

Mark 11:15

John 2:17 ( Psalm 69:9)

Ephesians 2:11-22

Bill Krayer is serving currently as an Elder at Grace Community Church.


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