Are You Anchored In True Truth? What Is Truth? Does Truth Matter?

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I recently had an exchange with one of my former supervisors about the meaning of objective/ true Truth and its connection with the God of the Holy Scriptures. She believes that truth is relative and went on to tell me that I’m entitled to have my own beliefs but to keep it to myself. To which I answered, I’m not talking about preference , but I’m talking about a God who is sovereign, exists objectively and has set a day on which He will judge the whole world according to His own righteousness and counsel.
One of the issues believers are facing today is the lack of knowledge (not the knowledge that puffs up ) but a lack of understanding what we believe and why we believe it is the absolute Truth.
In the lectures below, the late Dr. RC Sproul will define how a man/woman can come to true Truth.

Part 1

Part 2


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