DYR 2022 — Whatever It Takes!

After not gathering for two years, DYR 2022 happened and it was a success! The District Youth Retreat (DYR) is an event designed for students in Middle & High school to encounter God and His Holy Spirit on a whole new level, or perhaps encounter Him for the first time. Colin Reid & David Chappell worked really hard and did whatever it took to make it happen! Our guest speaker was Dan Lawrence, whom currently serves in Paris, France. This year’s theme and what we talked about was “Whatever It Takes!”.

We had a wonderful time of worship. We read the Bible, gathered in small groups, ate delicious chicken sandwiches, had fun going down the zip line, played and lost a dodgeball tournament (come on, guys! we have an entire year to practice and win next time!), and played so much more games. Needless to say, our students went all out for these activities! 

In our sessions, Dan Lawrence spoke about two key matters. One was- are we willing to do whatever it takes to pursue Jesus? The second: what will it take for us to reach the lost? In our small groups ,we wrestle with the question: is Jesus worth it? It was a really great discussion time! The theme that stood out throughout the weekend was “Are you willing to do whatever He tells you?” I believe each of our students left those campgrounds inspired by the Holy Spirit and I continue to pray that they are earnestly seeking the Lord!

It is important to pour our love, invest our time and offer incessant prayers for our students. They are in need of spiritual guidance, and it’s our duty to help them in this regard. To run with them in this race and be there to help them get back up when they fall. Please help me pray for our next generation and future generations. God wants to reach them too!

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”  – 1 Timothy 4:12

With Christ’s Love, Tatiana Orozco

DYR 2022 Whatever It Takes on the way
On our way
DYR 2022 Whatever It Takes, dilcic
Our dedicated worker Dilcia Yates
DYR 2022 Whatever It Takes
Ingrid Portillo in action, ready to serve our dry hungry youth


DYR Worship Team
Our DYR Worship Team!
DYR praying for our senior
Praying for our Seniors 2022!
DYR GCC ALIVE Youth Ministry
GCC ALIVE Youth Ministry!


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Sarah Salami
Sarah Salami
1 year ago

Beautiful Display of the goodness of God. Thank you for your service to our Youth! I know they enjoyed it and learned a lot.