Women’s Walk and Fast

For the month of June our women at GCC fasted together on a Saturday morning. We all gathered at Crystal Rock Trail for a walk to enjoy God’s creation and fellowship with one another. Some of us had very emotional and heavy conversations aligning with the season we are currently in. As we walked along the trail we meditated on the scripture Isaiah 58 (True Fasting). We are reminded of the words on fasting that Jesus spoke in Matthew 6:16-17, “But WHEN you fast…”. We can make it a less priority to fast for many reasons but it is significant that we do. Why? Fasting was meant for us, as His people. In Isaiah 58 we see that when fasting correctly (with humble hearts) then we experience His promises that follow (verses 8-14).

Later after our walk we meet back in my home to pray. The list of needs in our church and community are so large we began to intercede for them. God’s presence really met us that morning. There is something so special about intentionally emptying yourself so that God can fill you. We praise God for his presence, power, and promises. Lastly we broke our fast together with a breakfast filled with lovely conversation and the desire for more fasting events. We are believing that we could witness and experience a fast at large, potentially all the churches in the district of the CM&A.


As for next month we plan to have our fun month. More details to come, we hope to see you there.

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