Children Sunday School Focus Was On The Good Shepherd & Self Examination

One of the most important things that both adults and children need to learn is why Jesus is considered a good shepherd. It is essential for people to understand that Jesus is the son of God who came to save humanity from their sins. In addition, people of all walks of life  need to understand that they need to examine their own lives  in order to ensure that they are living according to the will of God.

Too often, people assume that because they attend church or say prayers, they are living a good life. However, it is only through self-examination and reflection that people can truly assess whether or not they are living a life that is pleasing to God. Only then can they make the necessary changes in their lives. As such, it is crucial for both adults and children to learn about the importance of understanding why Jesus is considered a good shepherd. Otherwise, they will never be able fully live according to the will of God.

Grade Schoolers: Spiritual maturity, self examination, repentance, faith and wisdom

This past Sunday, our Children Sunday School teacher, Vanessa leaned on Matthew 18:21-35 to teach the grade schoolers about the importance of maturing spiritually and  self examination. They learned that God forgives them when they honestly and wholeheartedly confess their sins to Him, and are truly sorry for what they’ve done: that’s call repentance. They learned not to be stagnant in their spiritual growth. In order to know God better, they must do their part to follow and obey Him. And to do that, they must believe God’s promises: that’s called faith. Finally they also learned that they are  not to become lazy, but should make every effort to grow in their knowledge of God and then live their lives according to the knowledge God gives them: that’s called wisdom.

Pre Schoolers: Jesus, the Good shepherd

Through the parable of the lost sheep, the pre schoolers discovered that Jesus is our Good Shepherd. First and foremost, He is someone who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep. This selfless act of love serves as a powerful example for both adults and children alike. They learned that Jesus loves us and protects us, much in the same way a shepherd protects his sheep. Jesus doesn’t want any of us to be lost or separated from Him.

(Scripture used: Matthew 18:10-4, Luke 15:1-7)


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