Cursed Be Your UNHOLY Anger & Impulses, Genesis 49:5-7

Welcome back to our examination of Joseph’s life. A lot of truths have been gleaned from this voyage as it draws to a close, and there are still many to be found. As we focused on the prophetic word that was applied to Reuben last week, we discussed the value of consistency and character. He lost his firstborn rights as a result of his moral failings, such as defiling his Father’s wife and being unstable. Today, we’ll focus on Simeon and Levi, whose unbridled anger led them on a vendetta at Shechem. Although their anger was well-founded, the resulting behaviors were beyond irrational. Reverend Julio is going to look at the prophetic word that was associated with Simeon and Levi and preach about the importance of surrounding our God given emotions and impulses to the Lord.

How Can Anger Be Used For The Glory Of God

The Passage: Genesis 49: 5-7

Simeon and Levi are brothers;
    weapons of violence are their swords.
Let my soul come not into their council;
    O my glory, be not joined to their company.
For in their anger they killed men,
    and in their willfulness they hamstrung oxen.
Cursed be their anger, for it is fierce,
    and their wrath, for it is cruel!
I will divide them in Jacob
    and scatter them in Israel.

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Sarah Salami
Sarah Salami
1 year ago

Wonderful introduction to a sermon that teaches us to discipline this anger before we find ourselves committing sin against the Lord. Thank you!