Children Sunday school: The Attributes Of God

A few  years ago, I was listening to a lecture by the late Dr. RC Sproul in which he mentioned the importance of understanding the doctrine of God. And one of the main functions of this doctrine is to clearly get a grasp of the attributes of God. Many of the church’s weakness is due to our shallow view of God’s attributes. For this reason, our children Sunday School teacher Vanessa put a huge emphasis  on knowing who God is through His attributes for the month January.

The Attributes of God

God is Holy
Kids learned that God’s holiness makes Him perfect, and it is His greatest attribute, the only one raise to the power of three as shown in Isaiah 6:3. God’s holiness led Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and that of the world. We too can be made holy in God’s eyes by accepting Jesus sacrifice as the payment for our sins, asking for forgiveness, reverently fearing God, and obeying His commands. Everything God does is motivated by His holiness.

God is Love
In this lesson, the children learned that God has shown His great love for us by sending Jesus to die for our sins, choosing us as His servants, giving us the Holy Spirit, and plainly revealing Himself through creation. God’s love provides reconciliation for our sins through Jesus Christ. It is His love that upholds the patient desire for all people to know Him.

God is Good
Kids learned that God always has been and always will be infinitely good. They also learned that anything they have comes from God.

God is Jealous
Children learned that God’s love for us motivates His jealousy. When people are jealous towards others, it is  sin, but when God is jealous it is because we have chosen to make idols (anything that takes the place of our affection for God) more important than Him. God has the right to be jealous because He created everything and everyone.

God is Just
Children learned that nothing can escape God’s notice. Life may not seem fair, but God is. He rewards obedience and punishes sin. As a result of studying God’s just nature, we can ask for God’s forgiveness and for His help to avoid sinning.

God is Merciful
In this lesson children learned that God is extremely merciful toward us, as evidenced through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. We should follow God’s example and show mercy to others. Also, extending mercy in humble obedience has the power to draw others into a relationship with Christ.

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