Mental Health And Faith, What Can We Learn

Pastor Julio A. Orozco spoke about mental health and faith at a forum at Lansdowne Alliance Church on Dec 13. This is the video from that event. The presentation was based out of “Why Suffering” by Ravi Zacarías and Vince Vitale and “The Integration of Psychology and Theology” by David Entwistle. See link below Forum Night: Mental Health-12.13.19 from Lansdowne Alliance Church on Vimeo.  Read More →


Originally Posted on About a week ago, Christians throughout the world celebrated Easter, which central theme is the bodily resurrection of Christ. Folks think it’s absurd to believe that a dead man can come back to life again because that violates the laws of nature. I wrote a post about a year ago in which I presented my arguments for why I believe the resurrection was factual and true, see link below What About The Resurrection? Today I invited reverend Julio Orozco of Grace Community Church who will be presenting many more facts about the authenticity of the physical bodily resurrection of Christ. WatchRead More →


Originally posted on Oh, the joyous melody of the Christmas carols ushering us toward the celebration of Christ’s birth.  The songs hold the message and the memories of Christmas.  The songs are alive with the melody of God – an unstoppable melody of God’s intention to send a Savior and the love of God to make good on that promise.  And through all the crescendos & decrescendos of history, God remained faithful to His promise. But the melody of God’s work didn’t end in Bethlehem on Christmas morning.  It didn’t end at the cross at Calvary; nor did it stop with the resurrection ofRead More →


Originally posted on   The announcement of Christ’s entry into the world must have been stirring for the family and friends of Mary and Joseph. Undoubtedly a mixture of anxiety, hope, confusion, and wonder heavied their hearts; but it wouldn’t be heavy for long, as it was soon replaced with a melody of joy. Joy has long been a theme in the best Christmas carols. We sing, “O tidings of comfort and joy” and “Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we, Let all within us praise His holy name.” There is joy in the story of Jesus’ birth in the Scriptures, too. Read More →


Originally posted on The melody of God’s providence has led centuries of twists and turns, crescendos and decrescendos, to preserve the promise of a Redeemer. Threats and risks nearly crush the promise, but God’s providence endures right down to the dusty manger in Bethlehem. As the time approached for the Child to enter our world, God’s melody of promise became a stirring announcement.  God sent the angel Gabriel to announce the coming Christ to a highly favored young virgin.  Mary was overawed by the announcement, but with comfort, Gabriel reminds her, “Nothing is impossible with God.” Mary isn’t the only one to receive anRead More →

Originally posted on With all the hustle and hurry around Christmastime, it’s often the melodies of Christmas hymns that carry the marvel and wonder of the season. Gifts are forgotten.  Decorations get taken down. The family tree loses its needles. But the carols serve as a thread that connects our Christmas memories with enduring melodies and a timeless message. As familiar songs fill the crisp December air, the hymns become a promise of a coming day of celebration and joy in remembrance of Christ’s birth. Promise plays an important part in Christmas history.  When the good world God created was spoiled by humanity’s rebellionRead More →

welcome to grace community church

We invite you to join us for our worship service at 11am every Sunday morning! No need to worry about what to wear, you can dress up or down as much as you wish. Our services typically run for an hour and fifteen minutes. We meet on the south end of the campus in the historic chapel. We provide a special program during the sermon for children, and headset translation to Spanish for anyone that prefers to hear the sermon in Spanish.   To view or sign up for our newlsetter click on the link below:   Bienvenidos Le invitamos a participar de nuestro servicio deRead More →