Joseph patiently waits on God Genesis 41: 1-16

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: There is a commercial that comes on every Tax season, and it goes like this- I want my money and I want it now. Nobody likes waiting, this is why America has the highest number of fast food restaurants. We’re constantly looking for ways to get things done at an exponential speed. But in God’s economy, the pattern is different. If you’ve been watching Pastor Julio’s sermons on Joseph’s life, I’m sure by now you’ve recognized that long suffering is one of the most noticeable elements in his life. Well, things are about to drastically change now and I’ll inviteRead More →

Joseph Speaks The Truth Even When It Means Hard News To His Hearers , Genesis 40:8-23 By Rev Julio Orozco Jr.

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: I hope you’re not only enjoying this study of the life of Joseph but also are being transformed by this account. Last week, Pastor Julio preached about Joseph’s compassionate disposition and linked it to the heart of our Savior Jesus Christ. This has been a recurring theme throughout the entire account. Here we are in Genesis 40:8-23,  Joseph is still in prison and God is going to work through Him again to accomplish His purpose. The era we live in has been saturated and flooded with so called prophets who’ve made a mockery out of the Word of God.Read More →

Joseph comforts others genesis 40_4-7

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: Welcome back to our study of the life of Joseph. We’ve already talked about how he unjustly landed in prison. We also saw how the grace of God was with him and kept him from developing bitterness. Today Reverend Julio Orozco Jr. will be looking at Genesis 40:4-7 where we see God working through Joseph again; this time, he becomes a comforter and refresher of others. Do not miss the  sermon as Pastor Julio will show us yet again the parallel between our Lord Jesus and Joseph. The Service 8.29.2021: Genesis 40:4-7 The Passage: 4 The captain of the guardRead More →

a closer look at psalm 23

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: Most people who profess to be Christians are familiar with  Psalm 23 whose author is a very well Old Testament figure, king David. Our familiarity with the 23rd psalm can easily cause us to miss all the nuggets of truths contained within it. In today’s sermon, Reverend Julio Orozco Sr. will give us a fresh look at this passage, and it is my prayer that God in His grace grants us eyes and ears of faith to never lose our interest for this Psalm. The Service 8.22.2021: The Good shepherd The Passage: Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.Read More →

what does true repentance look like in the life of the believer

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: I’m sorry is a phrase we commonly use when we feel bad about something wrong we’ve done to others. If I were to pile up the amount of I’m sorry  I’ve said since I was born, I think the pile will surpass Sugarloaf Mountain. True Repentance is more than just saying I’m sorry. Sin, no matter how small it looks in our eyes is infinitely hideous in the sight of the Holy God we serve. In today’s sermon, Elder Bill Krayer will walk us through psalm 119:25-32 to show us the process of true repentance in the life ofRead More →

A closer look at the last supper and its meaning

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: We’re going to be taking a short detour from our study of the life of Joseph and take a closer look at the Last Supper and its meaning. Right before our Lord’s passion, He participated in the Jewish Passover and it was probably the most significant Passover  in the History of the world. The celebration of this event involved Four Symbolic Cups. Today Reverend Julio Sr. will give us a thorough explanation of the Last Supper and its symbiotic relationship to the 4 Cups. The Service 8.1.2021: The Last Supper Newsletter: Be on the lookout for our newsletter, whichRead More →

fruits of steadfastness genesis 40:1-5

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: Welcome back to our study of the life of Joseph. I’m hoping that this account has been a blessing and an encouragement to you. One key thing we ought to take away from this study is the parallel between Joseph and our Lord Jesus. As the story unfolds, we see time and time and again how Joseph’s life mirrors that of Christ. Here we are in the beginning of Chapter 40; Joseph has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit and lands in prison. Yet we’ll see that even then he thrives. In today’s sermon, Pastor Julio willRead More →

Understanding spiritual gifts

Originally posted on Welcome back to another edition of the Eternal Perspective Conversation. We are going through a leadership training at our church with the sole purpose of equipping the leaders to become grounded in the Truth claims of Scared Scripture. A couple of weeks ago, one of the elders ( elder Bill Krayer) gave an amazing exposition of 1 corinthians 12, a chapter that deals with Spiritual gifts or shall I say Spiritual things. With the controversies that surround this very sensitive matter , I felt compelled to invite him to the EPS ( Eternal Perspective Conversation) to give us biblical answers thatRead More →

Genesis 39:1-6 , Who Is In Control, Sermon By Reverend Julio Orozco Jr.

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: Welcome back to our study of the life of Joseph. In the last couple of weeks, we zeroed in on  Joseph’s  background and many of us will agree that his family could be described as being borderline dysfunctional. Envy and jealousy led his brothers to sell him into slavery in Egypt. While his brothers might have been the ones causing havoc in his life, Joseph’s  real enemy was satan, who was seeking to thwart God’s purpose. We also learned that Joseph was a prototype of the Messiah Christ. Today Pastor Julio will continue with chapter 39 and I’ll inviteRead More →

Genesis 37:1-11 joseph sold into slavery

Welcome to Grace Community Church Overview: Pastor Julio debuted a series on the life of Joseph. In today’s sermon, he is going to be looking at Genesis 37:1-11. This section gives us a background of the entire household of Jacob. It also sets the stage for the events that will take place in verses to come. The Passage: Joseph’s Dreams 37 Jacob lived in the land of his father’s sojournings, in the land of Canaan. 2 These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was pasturing the flock with his brothers. He was a boy with the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, his father’s wives.Read More →