Worship Ministry

There are many activities that take place in a church, but worship is the only one that will continue in the kingdom to come. Songs of praise are essential to the health of a church because they help us to focus our attention on God and to express our love and adoration for him. When we sing together, we are united in our worship, and this unity is a reflection of the unity that exists within the Trinity. In addition, they help us to remember who God is and what He has done for His people. They remind us of His goodness,  His love, and His faithfulness, even when we are struggling. As we lift our voices in worship, we are reminded that God is worthy of all our praise.

Meet GCC Worship Leader

gladys orozco worship ministry leader

Gladys Orozco, Worship team leader

“I have been serving on the worship team at GCC for about 15 years now. Through my time singing back up vocals and leading worship from time to time, I felt as though there was a specific calling on my life. Through the guidance of many who came before me, I became the worship team leader in 2019. I thank God that I get to worship alongside such great people who are dedicated to serving God whole heartedly. Our commitment is to align our hearts and talents to serve God and the community in which He has placed us in. The main focus of this team is to value and prioritize the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to lead people into the presence of God.”

Meet the Rest of the Worship Team

worship team at Grace Community Church

From left to right: Gladys Orozco, Daniela Watson ( Women’s ministry leader), Nicole , Tatiana Orozco ( Youth Team leader),Gianfranco, Yahayra Shornock ( Youth Team leader),Ray, Gael and Daniel Orozco ( Youth team leader).